The Ponce Chronicles, 2020 Edition, Part 2

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No time for a real report today, as I have to leave shortly to pick up Jayce at the Ponce airport. She’s landing at 2 a.m., this being one of the more merciful JetBlue arrival times.

Mainly, I wanted to reassure everyone about the earthquakes, which apparently are in the news everywhere. We are fine. We’ve felt a bunch of them now, including a cluster early this morning. But nothing damaging, so far. I understand that some folks west of here and right on the coast have not been so lucky. My heart goes out to them; first the hurricanes, and then this. But just to repeat: we’re fine.

Here’s the current flight track of JetBlue, inbound. Okay, off to the airport!


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  1. Suzanne
    | Reply

    From Jeffrey in Ponce, PR after the 6.4 earthquake this morning:

    “We are okay, even though a much stronger quake hit shortly after my last report. Power is out, but we are well.”

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