Moonlight, Best Cat Ever, 1999 – 2019

Our beloved cat, Moonlight, has left us, taken by cancer and age. She was 20 years old, almost 21. She was an amazing friend to all of us. Far from the aloof cat of Siamese stereotype, she always wanted to be part of the family, dogs and all. She used to try to come along on dog walks, but we could never get a leash and harness to work right on her. As a young cat, she competed with the dogs for dropped food. (Ask me sometime about the Battle for the Broccoli, wherein Moonlight squares off with a boxer, and the little beagle sees opportunity.) Moonlight was quite vocal, and would “Mwah” whenever stroked. She loved laps, and in response to gentle hugs would go, “Mwah! Mwah!” like a squeezebox. In the last few months, her meow evolved—first into a melodic “Moi?” and then later into a “Honk!” She was the living embodiment of “cat gravity,” which prevents you from getting up with a cat in your lap, and excelled at putting whoever was holding her to sleep.

Over the last couple of years, she came through two surgeries for skin cancer with flying colors. Our vet was amazed at her resilience. “Ordinarily, at her age, we wouldn’t even be having a conversation about surgery,” he said, shaking his head in disbelief. Here’s a picture of her, after one of the operations.

I love animals, and Moonlight had a unique place in my heart. I hate this part of loving animals, where your heart is broken at the end. It’s probably going to be hardest on my daughter Jayce, to whom Moonlight has been a special friend for the greater part of her life. We will grieve together.

The timing could hardly be worse, as I’m leaving shortly for a convention in Philadelphia. But the last 24 hours have been telling, with noticeable decline in her strength—and it seemed better to say good-bye now, rather than endure worse scenarios while I’m gone. But there is no good time. At the vet’s, she put up a final fight: Even in her severely weakened state, it took an extra injection to stop that stalwart heart of hers.

Moonlight, I hope you find little Sam the beagle, and Hermione the boxer, and all of your other friends waiting for you on the other side. Peace now, little one. Peace.

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7 Responses

  1. Frances B Giuffre
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry, Jeff. I know the pain of losing a beloved cat. Your eulogy was beautiful . Frsn

  2. Richard Bowker
    | Reply

    So sorry to hear this, Jeff. I was always happy to have Moonlight jump up on my lap.

  3. Ann Zeddies
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s never a good time to say goodbye. Maybe our Shadow and your Moonlight will meet. It seems an appropriate friendship.

  4. craigshawgardner
    | Reply

    Moonlight would often put herself right next to me, but I would only notice her when I hit her with my elbow. She was a very sweet cat. I’m sorry to see her go.

  5. Pam Phillips
    | Reply

    I’m sorry for your loss of a wonderful cat. Sounds like you have lots of great pictures and stories to remember her by.

  6. jeffreyacarver
    | Reply

    Yes, to all that. Thanks so much.

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