Microsoft, You Shall Not Pass!

Microsoft, suspected agent of Morgoth, once more hosed my laptop with a major Windows update. What is with this company? Don’t they test their frickin’ software before they frickin’ release it? Apparently not. But the good rings have saved me! A full disk backup from April restored the usability of my computer, and Dropbox and Microsoft’s own One Drive saved my data. (Let me tell you, though, restoring my inbox to its former glory was no fun. (I still have about 5000 unwanted emails to delete. The backup service on that saved too much.)

We will prevail against the forces of darkness!

Tomorrow, Crucible of Time goes live!

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  1. Jim Ortner
    | Reply

    The latest Windows update to version 1903 triggered malware which loaded additional programs and messed all sorts of other settings on my wife’s computer. I had to clean the malware out to get it back to normal operation.


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