Dragon Con, Day Two: Things Look Up

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Today I’m moderating a panel on anthologies, but before that, I have lunch with longtime friend Robert J. Sawyer. We have a great talk, and he fills me in on some useful background about being a pro at Dragon Con. Also at the table among others is Larry Niven, though he’s too away for easy conversation. He looks over my new edition of The Reefs of Time. “Good title,” he remarks. Everyone immediately exclaims, “You just got a quote from Larry Niven! Use it on the book!” Larry smiles. So here it is, with a similar smile:

“Good title.” —Larry Niven

I do the panel on anthologies, and it’s pretty good, I think. Small but attentive audience. It makes me feel old, though. All the anthologies that really stand out in my mind as important markers in the field (Star Science Fiction, New Dimensions, Universe, Orbit, Dangerous Visions, etc.) are dimly remembered history to many folk. Oh well, I’ve learned something. Don’t stay mired in the past!

In the meantime, I’ve learned that there’s a Battlestar Galactica panel later in the day, and I get added to it. Unfortunately, there’s no moderator. I hesitantly take up the gavel, but I haven’t prepared to moderate, and I have to admit I wish it had gone better. Still, not bad, and I get this bottle cozy as a thank-you.

This evening is the event where I’m hoping to sell the books I lugged down here at some cost and considerable trouble: The Fantasy Gather. Lots of tables, authors, fans. I have some very nice conversations, and several people seem genuinely interested in picking up the ebook version. (I can’t blame them; I do the same thing in their place.) One gentleman buys a copy.

The payoff comes in networking: For starters, a long conversation with two lovely ladies who write paranormal fantasy, indie-publish it, and do very well. (Corinne O’Flynn and Lisa Manifold.) They know a ton about selling books. We have a great time talking, exchange contact info, and they put me in touch with the organizer of a pair of conventions in Colorado where the whole focus is on literacy and books, and they assure me people are hungry to buy books. Stay tuned on that one. I also chat with Chuck Gannon, and he gives me some more useful information about selling books at Dragon Con (if you prepare in advance).

Here are a few costumers I whipped out my camera for.

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