Heading Off to Dragon Con!

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Thursday I shove off for Atlanta and Dragon Con! This is my first time attending any of the huge media cons. Not entirely sure what I’ve let myself in for. I am given to understand that the SF literary tracks are well attended, but account for a mere sliver of the total programming.

  • Friday at 2:30, I’ll be moderating a panel on Anthologies and Why We Love Them.
  • Friday evening at 8:00, I’ll be joining throngs for the Fantasy Gather. I’ll have a table, where I’ll try to lighten my very heavy suitcase full of copies of Reefs.
  • Saturday evening I’ll join a different throng, for Dragon Con night at the Georgia Aquarium!
  • Sunday at 1 p.m., I’ll be participating on a panel called “Dragons of Science, Dragons of Fantasy.”

I’ll also be meeting up with two stalwart members of my street team, the Starstream Troupers! And with at least a few writer friends, I hope.

If you’re there, please say hi. You won’t find me listed in the program among participants, because I’m such a late entry. But I’ll be the guy wearing T-shirts like sandwich boards: one with Reefs on one side, and Crucible on the other. Or one with dragons all around. Dragon riggers!

Wish me luck, and a light suitcase coming home!

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