Lift Off! We Have Lift Off of The Reefs of Time!

Apollo-Reefs combined image
We have a launch! The Reefs of Time is riding a pillar of fire into the sky, shooting for the Moon! We are on our way!

You’ve been waiting for eleven years. I’ve been waiting for eleven years! This new chapter of The Chaos Chronicles, Part One of the “Out of Time Sequence,” is now available in all major ebook stores, and in print from Amazon and other booksellers*! Grab your copies while you can. The price is reduced for Launch Day. It will go up soon.

Please help me spread the word!

(Part Two, Crucible of Time, will launch on September 10.)

*Regarding print copies: On sale now are trade paperback copies (a nice, hefty-but-comfortable 5.5in by 8.5in trim size). Thanks to cover artist Chris Howard and cover designer Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, both talented writers themselves, it’s a great-looking book! Regarding availability in bookstores and libraries, it is available to all through the major distributor Ingram. But that doesn’t mean it will magically appear in your local bookstore. You might have to request it. I encourage you to do so! Ask them nicely if they would consider stocking it. If they want to know the ISBN, you can give them this: 978-1-61138-799-5.

I still plan to release a hardcover edition, and hope to have it ready in a few weeks. I’ll let you know.

Celebrate with me! Please let the far corners of your social media know, and let’s shoot for the Moon together!


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12 Responses

  1. Karen Weatherbee
    | Reply

    Got my notice from B&N that my Nook preorder is ready this morning!

  2. Kori Weiser
    | Reply

    Thanks for allowing me to post *my* engine and all its cars! As a human supplemented with ADD, my train can get a little long, but it doesn’t back up traffic too much…

    I just downloaded the book to my iPhone and I’m so excited I can barely sit still, and while I would love to dive straight into it, I am so enamored of the whole story that I’m going going to don my Neri breathing-membrane and plunge right to the bottom and start from the beginning (again).

    Jeff, your work has given me an amazing ability to journey to the stars and beyond. I have referred dozens of friends who have all agreed that your writing is in a class by itself. We all know that the worlds you have built will become classics that will be remembered for years and decades to come.

    Can’t thank you enough for finding a way to bring your vision back to the people. I am (and my Carter Club will be) forever in your debt.

    See you out there!

    Kori Weiser
    Seattle, WA

    • Jeffrey A. Carver
      | Reply

      Kori, that’s about the nicest thing anyone has said to me this week! Maybe this month! It means a lot to hear that. Thank you.

      • Scott A HAGEN
        | Reply

        I have been enjoying your Chaos Chronicles series for much of the past year. Any time frame on the release of the final volume, Masters of Shipworld?

        • Jeffrey A. Carver
          | Reply

          Hi Scott — I’m afraid not. It’s been a tough year, writing-wise (and, well, everything-wise). Im gong to be chasing the Shipworld Masters for a while yet. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the series so far!

  3. Carl Waisanen
    | Reply

    Mr. Carver,
    The Reefs of Time and Crucible of Time were fantastic. Some of the best Sci-fi I have ever read. The Translator is the best. I am anxiously waiting for the next one now.

  4. G Coonlye
    | Reply

    Somehow got into The Chaos Chronicles without checking if the series was complete. Likely would not have started it otherwise. Got burned with The Confluence series that was not completed. Damn.

    • Jeffrey A. Carver
      | Reply

      Well, the idea, and the hope, is that you will enjoy the story, even if there is more of the story to come. We all enjoy TV series that are in progress, right?

  5. Michael D Nolan
    | Reply

    Both Reefs and Crucible were well worth the wait! I hope the next and final chapter will not be so long (I know, greatness takes time!)

  6. David Bosboom
    | Reply

    Good morning, Jeff. I’m still looking for a copy of Neptune Crossing in Portuguese. Did you ever find it? 😉 BTW, my wife is enjoying Strange Attractors! If you do, I’ll come up to get it … er, whenever purgatory is done with us all. Stay well. Stay safe.

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