Reefs and Crucible Rolling Toward Publication!

Like a runaway freight train. I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s because I’ve been busier than a one-armed steam-locomotive engineer without a fireman, boosting this project toward launch date!

The editing is all done, and both books are out with a colleague for proofreading. The cover for Reefs is done. Preorder buttons are starting to appear. The website is updated (for Reefs, not yet for Crucible.) A newsletter announcement with an excerpt from the beginning of the book is in prep (going out soon!). I’ve submitted advance ebook copies (eARCs) to Publishers Weekly and other review sites, and queried some more. I have not yet seen Avengers: Endgame. This thing is really happening!

Here’s the long and the short of it:

The Reefs of Time (Part 1 of the “Out of Time” sequence) is scheduled for launch on July 23, 2019. Simultaneous ebook, trade paperback, and hardcover. Prices TBD, except that during the preorder period, the ebook is discounted to $6.99.

Crucible of Time (Part 2 of the “Out of Time” sequence) is scheduled for launch on September 10, 2019. Pricing similar. Not yet out for preorder. (The cover is still being developed.)

More news to come. I’m excited! I hope you are, too!

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11 Responses

  1. Fran Giuffre
    | Reply

    This is great news,Jeff! And Reefs is coming out on my brother’s birthday, so I know what to get him. Very thoughtful of you…

  2. Connie Bothfeld
    | Reply

    Can’t wait!!!

  3. Karen Weatherbee
    | Reply


  4. Jae
    | Reply

    Definitely going to check these out, most assuredly excited! Were I not saving for a trip, you’d already have my money.

  5. MaryA
    | Reply

    Whoop! I get to read Reefs all over again for the first time!

  6. Benjamin Kelly
    | Reply

    I went to pre-order The Reefs of Time from Smashwords, but the pre-order link isn’t available. Is this Smashwords foot dragging or some technical issue?

    • Jeffrey A. Carver
      | Reply

      I’m not really sure. It’s enabled for preorder, and the preorder at Apple is via Smashwords. I guess maybe SW only lets you save it, so you don’t forget? Actual processing of preorders might be beyond the SW platform’s capability. (Speculation.)

      • Benjamin Kelly
        | Reply

        As much as Smashwords has promoted the fact that they’ve made pre-orders an option, I’d think they would have a way to process them. I contacted Smashwords support to see if they can provide some insight.

      • Benjamin Kelly
        | Reply

        I heard from Smashwords and you are correct, they do support pre-orders on their site. I guess all the crowing Mr. Corker did about pre-orders only applies to retailers they ship to. Anyway, I’ll jump on it when it releases.

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