Update on The Reefs of Time

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything about the book. The reason is that the editorial process has been excruciatingly slow, and it’s not done yet—though I’m done with my revisions, at least for now. For reasons I’m not going to get into, the work process on this book is unusual, and the primary editing has been handled by an editor not on staff at the publishing house. Now it goes to an in-house editor, and that may entail more work; I don’t know yet.

The long and the short of it is, I don’t have a publication date yet. I think it’s likely to be published in two volumes, hopefully close together. But I don’t know that for certain, either.

Do I hear you groaning? Oh, me too! Me too! In fact, your groan is just an echo of my own! But I’ll post more info when I have it. Please keep hanging in there with me! I can’t do this without all of you behind me!



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  1. Fran Giuffre
    | Reply

    Jeff, As long as it takes, I know the wait will be well worth it. My brother and I are patiently standing by. You are a model of determination! See you at Boskone, Fran

  2. Robert Laird
    | Reply

    Based on the previous stories, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

  3. Richard Bowker
    | Reply

    Is that Munch painting your cover concept? I think it works really well.

  4. Semora
    | Reply

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been biding my time by going through your backlist of books (like From a Changeling Star — which I can’t believe I hadn’t already read years ago). Then I’m going to continue my re-read of the Chaos Chronicles. So that it’s all fresh in my mind again. Hopefully everything between now and publication of part 1 of Reefs goes well for you.

  5. Bill Black
    | Reply

    I am sure that you are anxious to see what comes next from the publishing house editor…well…so are we, dammit. I’ve re-read the series twice now in hopes that Reefs of Time would spring forth from the froth. I’m not going to re-read again til you get a publish date.
    Great works take time. Great patience takes…well..something I have not been blessed with. Looking forward to the release date!

  6. jeffreyacarver
    | Reply

    Look for a new update very soon…

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