Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving greetings to all my family and friends! For my friends outside the U.S., I invite you to join with us in taking a moment to give thanks—and then enjoy the day with your own family and friends! No need for a formal holiday.

This may be the first year I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving with so much of my family split off in different locations. I’m in Miami for a short holiday visit with my brother and his wife; my newly married daughter is traveling with her husband, visiting his family; my wife Allysen and her mom and our other daughter (plus an honorary daughter) are roasting a turkey at home in Boston. Our California contingent, Allysen’s bro and family, are celebrating the end of the wildfires close to their house (they had to evacuate for several days).

Some things remain the same, though. I just walked the dogs. Different dogs, Chuck and Youngmee’s, but still. This is Tntn.

Have a great day, everyone!

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