Crazy, Crazy

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There has been enough chaos around here to make me feel like our lives are being whirled in a Vitamix blender, which would be fine if the result was a margarita, but this is different. Allysen’s mom spent a couple of days in the hospital after her hip operation, at which point nature decided to drop the third Nor’easter in two weeks on us—this one a blizzard delivering nearly two feet of snow—in the middle of which the Powers That Be transported Allysen’s mom from the hospital to rehab. Which meant Allysen had to go out in the blizzard to be there for the move (while I stayed home wielding the snowblower and shovel, resting a bit, then wielding the snowblower and shovel some more, resting a bit, then wielding… etc.).

Today I got word that Captain Jack needs surgery for his torn CCL (dog version of ACL), which he got while playing in a meadow with another dog, so he’s scheduled for surgery in two weeks—following which this border collie mix will have to be kept inactive and very quiet for a month, and pretty quiet for another month. Are we kidding? Nope, we’re not.

Coming home from that, I received word that my brother Chuck’s cancer treatment has hit some bumps—though the last MRI offered some encouragement, so they’re forging ahead with treatment.

And Stephen Hawking died. Well, damn.

On the other hand, the date is 3-14, so Happy Pi Day!

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  1. Mary
    | Reply

    Ugh! Hopefully, the chaos will dissipate, the snow will melt soon, Allysen’s mom will mend quickly, Chuck will have a great turnaround, and Captain Jack will only chase bunnies in his dreams.
    Peace. ☮️

  2. MaryA
    | Reply

    Jeff: Ow, ow, ow. I hope that things will take a good turn for everyone in the very near future! Also, I have no notion what Pi Day is (I’m assuming that you did not drop an “e” accidentally.) but heck: Happy Pi Day to everyone who wants one, and (seriously) may all those who are ailing heal safely and soon.

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