Life Takes a Sharp Left Turn

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Allysen’s mom fell and broke her hip Friday evening. She lives in our downstairs apartment, and I walked in with a slice of pizza for her, only to find her on the floor in the dining room. She said her leg hurt, so I didn’t move her—and in fact, EMTs and the fire department were already on their way, because she’d pressed the medical alert button she wears hanging from her neck. Allysen was out for the evening, so I accompanied her for the ambulance ride, complete with wailing siren.

The ER staff at Mount Auburn Hospital were terrific. By the time Allysen and I left for the night, her mom was scheduled for a partial hip replacement the next day. That was Saturday, and it went very well. I expect there will be a couple of weeks of rehab in our immediate future. I think she was especially annoyed about this in light of her having just gotten cataract surgery; she was really tired of people (us) hovering around giving her eye drops. Doctored-out, was how she put it, just a couple of days before her fall.

Ironically, after all the work put into the apartment to eliminate tripping hazards, it was playing with her dog McDuff that toppled her. She’d turned 88 just a few weeks ago. Old age is definitely not for sissies. She’s recovering well, so far, though.

“I didn’t do anything!”


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  1. Fran Giuffre
    | Reply

    I hope your MIL comes home soon. She’s lucky to have you guys!

    • jeffreyacarver
      | Reply

      Thanks, Fran!

  2. MaryA
    | Reply

    Hi, Jeff. I hope Fay’s feeling better. Jack, by the way, has sent me an email assuring me that Mac(because, really, Scot???)Duff is as blameless as fresh-falling snow. Uh: he also says to scratch that comparison, given the recent weather. But he assures you that all of his lady friends are innocent as newfallen snow…..


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