Happy New Year 2018!

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It’s hard to say “2018” out loud—mainly because I’m shivering in the cold! This picture of a frozen Niagara Falls illustrates exactly how it feels here in New England.

Aaron Lynett/The Canadian Press via The Associated Press via Boston Globe

Here’s wishing everyone a much happier year than 2017!  And may an inexplicable attack of sanity and reason sweep the halls of Washington, D.C., and bring us much-needed relief!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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  1. Martin Girouard
    | Reply

    Good morning Jeffrey, here in beautiful Quebec City it’s currently -29 Celsius, -20 Fahrenheit … It supposed to be even cooler tonight. I hate cold weather… I love what you write (I’ve read all your books) and I’m very eager to read The Reefs of Time !
    A big fan, Martin G

  2. MaryA
    | Reply

    Niagara Falls? Whew! What a relief! At first glance, I was afraid it was your front steps (visited by a Frost Giant, obviously. A Frost Giant with a REALLY bad “I had a great New Year’s Eve” headache!).

    …. kinda wouldn’t mind seeing that close-up in real-time, though. Close and-Well-bundled-up. For about, oh, five minutes of real-time, after which I would be carried away in a sling sort of thing to be thawed and fed True Northern style hot cocoa.

    ….But still: what a wow! picture. Mother Nature: she sure knows her stuff.

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