The Laptop Is Dead (sigh). Long Live the Laptop!

Yeah, this is not how I was planning to spend my first week at home. But my laptop, Cygnus-X, started failing on the trip and limped along just far enough to get me back to Boston. In this case it was the screen, not the smart innards, that went bad. I googled the problem and tried the most common fix, which was replacing the video inverter for $20 from Amazon; and that killed it dead. Here’s me, heroically trying to rescue trusty Cygnus, but it was too little, too late.

Given that the little fellow was over seven years old in laptop years—which is I don’t know what in dog years, but old, and slow—I decided it was time to replace it. (But really, two computers in three months? Seems extreme.) Anyway, here is the new beauty, Antares. Named for her glowing red backlit keys (Antares is a red star), and for the lovely Antares in the Chaos books.

Antares is an Asus gaming laptop. I don’t do gaming, but I wanted as much speed and capacity as I could afford, because in two years, it’s going to seem like molasses. So get a running start, is what I figured. Plus, I really like the keyboard!

Antares, live long and prosper! Please.

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    That’s a great replacement computer! Love the Backlit keys… I was unaware you were such a techie! My little computer shop replaces several screens a year… (-: good effort! I am reading the Chaos Chronicles for about the 10th time in two years. Followed by Sunborn. Right now, I am at the best scene, and it is exciting at every read, where Bandie and Charlie steal a ship… always an awesome section! Have a great day!!

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    Most welcome – keep up the good work!

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    Testing comments form on new web host.

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