Plot Problem Solved!

Here used to be a picture of me after licking a thorny plot problem in the chapter tentatively titled “Chapter 29” in The Reefs of Time. This would be the chapter that, in the first draft, caused me to type, “I HAVE NO FRICKIN’ IDEA WHERE THIS IS GOING! FIX IT IN REWRITE!” and then move on. When the rewrite came around, the situation was not much improved. But this time, I didn’t think I could do the same thing, so I just kept pounding my head on it until it relented and gave up its secrets. So, this time I’ve solved it and moved on. Having solved it. I think. You never know about these things until you circle back on the next pass and see it all in the context of the whole story arc.

Have I mentioned that this is a long and complex book, with many threads, and it’s taking me a long time to (re)write it? Think Game of Thrones… but without the thrones, the kingdoms, the backstabbing murders, the dragons, the dark magic, etc. Actually, it’s nothing like The Game of Thrones, except for the length, complexity, and the time it’s taking me to finish it. But that’s not nothing.


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  1. dhbosboom
    | Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed your note … until you admitted that the photo WASN’T you! 😉 Seriously … I’m glad you figured it all out. It means your readers are ONE step closer to buying y our next book.

  2. coyoty
    | Reply

    Also, like Game of Thrones, people are mad at you for not finishing it already so we can read it.

  3. Jeffrey
    | Reply

    Well, Coyoty, that can’t really be helped, can it? If I could write the book faster–and get it right–I would. No one wants this book done more than I do.

    • coyoty
      | Reply

      That’s my argument to people who claim George R.R. Martin is slacking off. Or Garry Trudeau. Writers have the same real life issues everyone else does, and rushed work is compromised work. (I wasn’t seriously criticizing you, BTW.) They also have more than one project that has impatient fans who accuse them of sacrificing one for the others. But that’s how you know you’re doing it right. Always leave them wanting more, faster.

  4. Jeffrey
    | Reply

    “that’s how you know you’re doing it right.”

    I like that. 🙂

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