Merry Christmas, All Twelve Days’ Worth!

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I hope you all had (or are still having) a wonderful Christmas, and for that matter Solstice and impending celebration of our circuit around the Sun! Here at the Starrigger Ranch, we had a terrific Christmas, including a turkey dinner, with my brother Chuck and his wife Youngmee visiting, and our friend Mary and Allysen’s mom here, as well. It was a fantastic celebration of family and friends.

My wife grew up largely in Latin America and has a strong sense of the full Christmas period, extending through New Year to Three Kings Day, on January 6. (This is also handy when gifts haven’t arrived in time for Christmas Day. They’re not really late; they’re just part of the whole extended experience.)

I hope all of you had family, or people you care about, near or in touch during these holidays. God bless you all, however you celebrate the season!

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