Go, Buckeye Band!

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Back in my high school days in the Buckeye State, I played in my school’s marching band—first on clarinet, then bass drum, then snare drum. I vividly remember how difficult it was to keep our marching lines straight, stepping eight to five*, even when the band was just marching down the field. (*Eight to five means eight measured strides to every five yards.) With that in mind, prepare to be impressed when you watch the Ohio State University Marching Band perform a routine they called the Hollywood Blockbuster Show—especially the T-Rex from Jurassic Park!

You can skip the first minute or so, which is the other band getting off the field. Watch in full screen!


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  1. haydn12
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    This is an excellent show. Love Harry Potter riding the broomstick and the boats fighting.

    I was in marching band in Michigan in high school so I know what it was like. Played clarinet, then in the drum line and my last year I played trumpet.

    Our shows were nothing like what they do today. My daughter plays flute in her marching band and they do very complex shows with drill that makes my drill from high school look very simplistic. She has a big show coming up in a little over a week in Fresno, CA which they hope to place well in.

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