A Bird in the Kitchen…

…is worth how many in the claw? 

I got up this morning to the sound of Captain Jack howling and scrabbling frantically around the living and dining rooms. What I found when I arrived was a terrified bird flying back and forth in the room, arousing great interest from Jack and Moonlight (the cat). Finally it flew into the kitchen, and I managed to get a few pictures.

Who can tell me what kind of bird this is?  Gray, with a spotted underside, and (though you can’t really see it in these shots) a longish, narrow beak. You can biggify by clicking on the images.

I opened the kitchen window screen, and after a few minutes the bird found the opening and shot out of the house like a rocket. I’m still not sure how it got in—maybe through a torn screen in my office, up on the third floor. If so, that meant it found its way down the hall, and down the narrow stairs, before meeting up with the local guards.

All’s well that ends well.

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  1. jfowen.com
    | Reply

    I love your dog's intense scrutiny of the winged intruder. My dog would have the same look. Don't you wonder want's going through their minds while they're watching?

  2. MaryA
    | Reply

    Mr. Carver:

    My client, Jack o'the Borders, commonly known as Jack-What-Are-You-Doing????, begs leave to inform you that your no doubt carelessly-used description of him as "howling and scrabbling FRANTICALLY" is a libel upon his character, in that it holds him up to undeserved scorn in the eyes of respectable persons (dogs included) of his community. He therefore offers you the opportunity to publish either a disavowal of your humiliating description of him or/and an apology for discrediting his well-known attributes of courage and composure under conditions that might make some OTHER dogs flinch. He adds that Moonlight was scared, too!!!

    Mr. O' the Borders also wishes to inform you that you should file a copy of your disavowal/apology with ourselves, his representatives, and thanks you in advance.

    Yours, etc., MaryA for Mr. O' the Borders

  3. Katrina
    | Reply

    Your bird appears to be a European Starling.

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