Waiting for G/o/d/o/t/ the Roofer

Today was an early riser for me. Roofers were coming to strip and reroof the southwest side of the housethe side you can see in Google Earth, if you know where to look. Those who know me know that early mornings are not my forte. But the contracting boss was here, the cars were moved out of the driveway, and I was drinking coffee, waiting. Then the word came: Called due to rain, and forecast rain. Try again tomorrow. (Sigh.)

We’ve spent a lot of time emptying the attic on that side of the house, knowing that there will be a rain of asphalt and tar-paper debris down through the cracks between boards. This cleanout included getting rid of boxes belonging to long-departed electronics, unearthing boxes of books stashed for safekeeping for a friend (twenty years ago—a good argument for ebooks), and lots more. Well, it’s good we got that done, anyway.

This is all in preparation for the solar-electric panels that will be installed on that side of the house, soon after the roof is done. (Fingers crossed.)

We’re still planning a dormer on the other side of the house, to add a bathroom and guest room. But that’s been put on hold until the solar panel project is finished. Oh, and the loan approved. Heh, heh.

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  1. Jim Ortner
    | Reply

    Good luck on your roof repairs and adding the solar panels. I've had solar for about 3 years now and love the savings.

    Any updates on the Reef of Time book? Haven't seen one in quite a long time!

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Thanks, that's great to hear. Re Reefs… it's killing me, but it's coming. The ending is proving very hard to write. Don't know why. But it's coming. I have a writing retreat on the calendar for September, to see if I can't wrestle it down.

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