Okay, I’m Back!

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Actually, I’ve been back for about a week—from Puerto Rico, that is. I flew down a few weeks ago (my last post was actually from P.R.) to help Allysen’s mom with the final packing, and—I thought—her move up to her new place here in Massachusetts. Well, the schedule was optimistic, so I returned, not with my mother-in-law, but with my dog-in-law, Diego. (Seen here meeting a Roomba for the first time.)

Diego and Captain Jack don’t get along too well (both see themselves very much as alpha dogs), but they’ve settled into an uneasy truce. Diego’s ward Fay now plans to move up in another week or so, which is how much longer Diego and Jack must get along. Meanwhile, Fay’s little condo here in Arlington sold quickly, so a more or less essential piece of this move has fallen into place. And we and the Landshark have been kept very busy moving stuff!

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