A Truck By any Other Name

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Is just as rusty. That was how it seemed for a while, as we were searching for a replacement vehicle for our beloved but aging Mazda, Thoth. (Named after an Egyptian god associated with writing and philosophy.) And then, last week, our fortunes turned, when I found a gray 2006 Ford Ranger (small pickup) in very good condition, at a good price. With a cap, no less. (Which will have to come off for some of the furniture moving ahead of us, but for routine use seems like a great feature.) Last week, our mechanic checked it over, and yesterday I picked it up from the dealer, Auto Country of Abington, MA. Good-bye, Thoth! You were faithful and a great car to drive. Not your fault you got old and started falling apart.

Hello, Star Rigger Land Shark! Welcome to the family!

These are dealer pix, and the seats are pushed back here, but I especially liked the extra room behind the seats, for the pooch and/or groceries.
Long live the Land Shark!

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  1. jfowen.com
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    Nice looking truck! I predict you'll be driving the Lank Shark easily for another ten years.

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    That's my plan!

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