We Eat Problems for Breakfast

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Yes we do, here at the Starrigger Ranch. Good thing, too. I wrote earlier, in brief, about what the first quarter of 2013 looks like for the Carver family. Allysen’s mom, Fay, is moving from her long-time residence in Puerto Rico to live closer to us—not with us, but in a continuing care community not too far away. This is sad, because she loves it where she is. But it’s necessary.  She’s in her 80s, and at several thousand miles distance, we have been her closest family since Allysen’s dad passed away two years ago. This means not just moving, but closing down, fixing up, and preparing for sale two separate properties—and finding suitable disposition for a lifetime’s worth of stuff, much of it very nice stuff gathered from work and travel all over the world.

To this end, Allysen has taken a leave of absence from her job, and she’s already down there working on the Puerto Rico end. The rest of us will be going down at various times to contribute to the effort. Meanwhile, at this end, we’re still finishing the job of getting her charming little condo here near us ready to put on the market. (To a large degree, that means boxing everything up and moving it into our basement for interim storage.) I’ve been putting up a lot of shelves in our basement.

Just to keep it interesting, at the same time, we’ve been looking to replace our aging ’98 Mazda. We decided a while back that a small pickup truck would make a handy replacement, because even before all this started, we always seemed to be facing situations where we wished we had one, but something smallish, like a Ranger. So we’ve been looking. It’s amazing how much time and energy you can put into shopping for a used truck. Especially when all the dealers who sell them seem to be an hour’s drive away. I believe, hope, and pray that I have now found one. Tomorrow it’s to be checked over by our trusty mechanic. If all goes well, we’ll have our new (to us) truck by next week.

Meanwhile, just to keep it more interesting, I was in the basement knocking together shelves when I turned around and saw water leaking out of our hot water tank, a tank which had just passed out of its ten-year warranty. Thank God for good plumbers who come when you need them. (Thanks, Pat!) Then, the day our hot water heater was replaced, our brand-new washer went on the fritz! What is this, a conspiracy?

Making that sequence even weirder, I called Allysen down in PR to tell her the news. Her reply? “The hot water heater here just quit, too.” And the next day, the new washer there broke, locking their wet clothes inside.

It’s really got to make you wonder.

But as I say, we eat problems for breakfast. Nutritious and full of fiber!

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  1. jfowen.com
    | Reply

    I've been there with an aging parent. I hope everything goes well for you with the move.

    If you're getting a used Ranger, I'm sure you'll like it. My '99 Ranger has 170,000 miles on it and it's still going strong.

    Oh yeah, I like your novels too. 🙂

    JF Owen

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Thanks! (On all counts.)

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