Ohio, a Wedding, the Indians, and Vernors

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We had a great week in Ohio. My sister Nancy got married to a terrific guy named Chuck. They might have planned the names better, though, since our brother is also named Chuck. (But maybe it’s just continuing a trend. I have two sisters named Nancy, one a half and one a step. Families can be complicated.) This all happened at and around Hiram College, in eastern Ohio. It was blazingly hot, though we were treated to a couple of flash thunderstorms.

Close your eyes and imagine some nice pictures here. No, I don’t have any right now. I’ll get some.

Chuck is a huge sports fan (and former sports publicist), and he got us all tickets to a Cleveland Indians game. I hadn’t been to a major league ballgame in decades, and it was great fun. Hot, though. We rooted for the home team, and they won. Afterward, as we stood outside waiting for our ride, I enjoyed seeing the “Fatty Wagon” go by, a shuttle bus operated by the Great Lakes Brewing Company, running on used frying oil, “saving the planet, one French fry at a time.” They make great beer, by the way. Loved their Burning River Ale, and their Commodore Perry IPA. My sister-in-law Youngmee enjoyed their Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA, but it was too over-the-top hoppy for me.

I am a great lover of Vernors Ginger Ale, which we can’t buy in New England. I took the opportunity of being in Ohio to box up a bunch of 12-packs of Diet Vernors and bring them back as checked luggage. I’m sipping one right now, as I write this. Vernors company, won’t you please ship your ginger ale to Boston?

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