Read an Ebook Week 2012

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It’s time again for Read an Ebook Week. Lots of publishers and authors are participating, and you can find some great deals. In fact, in Canada, it’s Read an Ebook Month. Check the REBW website!

As usual, I’m offering some specials: Eternity’s End and Dragon Space: A Star Rigger Omnibus are half price at Smashwords from March 4 through March 13. Just apply the coupon code REW50 at checkout for the discount. Neptune Crossing remains free, in all stores.

Remember, when you buy a book at Smashwords, you get access to all formats: Kindle, Nook all other Epub readers, PDF, etc., without any of those annoying DRM restrictions on where you can read your book.

If you haven’t tried ebooks yet, or if you have a shiny new device and need to load it up with books, Read an Ebook Week is a great place to start!

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