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No, I’m not holding a summit, or attending one. But that’s the name of a novel by Richard Bowker, just released in ebook by the author himself. It’s well worth a look, if you enjoy psychological thrillers with believable characters and crisp, vivid writing. Summit was originally published by Bantam in 1989, and is now available again for the first time in many years.

If we’re going to be forthcoming here, I suppose I should fess up that I was one of the critique group readers who can claim all sorts of credit (riiiiight…) for the quality of the novel. Seriously, though, Richard Bowker has been part of the writing group I’m in for over thirty years, and we got to experience the book’s gestation and birth, and even contribute a little in the way of helpful criticism. Here’s the description from the Amazon page:

She is the most dangerous person in the world — a powerful psychic used to turn loyal American operatives into KGB double agents. Beautiful Valentina, however, has one weakness — her infatuation with Daniel Fulton, the brilliant, enigmatic American pianist. Valentina hopes her love for Fulton will free her from the KGB. Instead, it traps her into using her powers one final time. Success will change the course of history. Failure will doom the only person she loves. One woman controls the fate of America… at the Summit.

You can’t tell from the product pages, but according to Rich, they’re DRM-free.

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