Read an Ebook Week 2011 (March 6–12)

It’s March again, and that means it’s time to celebrate Read an Ebook Week! Lots of authors and publishers are offering free books, discounted books, and other promotions. Click Partners to get a list of links. Some of them offer daily giveaways, so stop back regularly this week.

I’m offering Neptune Crossing for free again, just for this week, from my website—and also Battlestar Galactica: the miniseries novelization (in epub and PDF).

From my Smashwords page, you can get both free and discounted offerings this week only, if you use these coupon codes (RA…) in your cart:

Neptune Crossing — free — RE100
Eternity’s End — 25% off — RAE25
The Chaos Chronicles: Books 1-3 omnibus — 25% off — RAE25
Reality School (short fiction) — free — RE100
Strange Attractors — 25% off — RAE25
The Infinite Sea — 25% off — RAE25
What Gods Are These? — free — RE100

Check out all the other authors, too!

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  1. TheSFReader
    | Reply

    seen/bought … (except smashwords seems down …)

  2. Ruth Harris
    | Reply

    Hi Jeff, re tags….This thread — it's a tag exchange — on Writers Cafe is very helpful if you want/need tags. It looks intimidating but just go back 6 pages & tag. Then everyone else will tag you back. The link:,22473.0.html

    Reviews are a whole different issue…I have been finding it very difficult — people tell me they love my books but when I ask if they'd write a review, they either say they will but then don't or else just foof around, which means "uh-uh." I suppose reviews will come but at a leisurely pace.

  3. Lorraine_Bartlett
    | Reply

    Hi, Jeff. Thanks for inviting your Backlist eBook pals to post their Smashwords sale books. I write a paranormal (a psychic–not zombies or vampires) thriller series, The Jeff Resnick Mysteries. All three are on sale for 25% off. Murder on the Mind, Dead In Red, and Cheated By Death. Here's the link for Murder on the Mind:

    Thanks again!

  4. Terry Odell
    | Reply

    Hi, Jeff. I'm another participant in the Smashwords promo. I've got one of my normally-priced-at-$2.99 romantic suspense novels, When Danger Calls, for free this week only, and only at Smashwords.

    You can find all my offerings here.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist–of Mystery

  5. Maryann Miller
    | Reply

    Jeff thanks for inviting us to share our specials for Read an eBook Week. I have been loading up my Kindle and the week of specials has just begun. I have two titles available for the sale.

    One Small Victory, my suspense novel, is a free read…38

    And my novel for middle-grade readers, Friends Forever, is discounted 50% by my publisher

    | Reply

    Hi, Jeff! Thank you for the invitation to post. My Historical Romance, Spring Blossom is available this week at 50% off the regular price of $2.99

  7. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Thanks for posting, everyone. Jill, yours seemed to have gotten duplicated, so I deleted the first, which looked like it went up before you finished it.

  8. Gerald M. Weinberg
    | Reply

    My Aremac Project novel is free on Smashwords this week

    Also, my nonfiction book, How Software is Built, is on sale there for half price.

  9. Doranna
    | Reply

    Jeff–You rock! Thanks for the chance to spread the word!

    All of my novels are on sale (regular $2.99), from 25-50%; so is the Reckoners novella.

    Here's a starting place link!

    That's: Hidden Steel (Romantic Suspense), Making the Rules (Romantic Suspense), and A Feral Darkness (contemporary fantasy). The paranormal romance Reckoners novella is Deep River Reckoning.

    The Scoria & A Bitch in Time (short stories) are free!

  10. Judith Arnold
    | Reply

    Jeff–Let's hope lots of people read an ebook (or several!) this week. Here's a link to my Smashwords page, if anyone is interested in buying my ebooks at 1/2 price this week:

    Happy reading, everyone!

  11. Libby Hellmann
    | Reply

    Thanks, Jeff.

    All of my backlist crime fiction and thrillers are either free or heavily discounted on Smashwords.

  12. Lillian Stewart Carl
    | Reply

    Thanks for the space, Jeff! The Secret Portrait, the first book of the Fairbairn/Cameron cross-genre mystery series is FREE at Smashwords this week!

    America's exile and Scotland's finest on the trail of all-too-living legends.

  13. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    My apologies, Lillian! I just found your comment awaiting moderation (I missed it somehow), and now it's too late for the Ebook Week promotion. Still, folks ought to check it out, anyway.

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