Enough With the Rain, Already!

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It’s been two weeks since I wrote to gripe about the weather—and darn it, Jim, I’m going to do it again.  We recovered from the flooded basement, then spent over a week cleaning and drying and throwing things away and putting up new shelves and bleaching the whole basement to kill opportunistic mold.  And how did that end?  More rain!  We just barely got everything we were keeping back under cover before it started in again.  And once more, our basement floor is a not-so-dry river bed.  I spent some hours yesterday digging out the sand hole we laughingly call our sump, so that we could get the portable pump sufficiently immersed.  And good that I did, even though I had to go back and dredge it today, because that made the difference between a lot of water all over the floor and the four inches I was walking in two weeks ago. 

We are now officially a disaster area.  I am aware that it’s much, much worse for a lot of other people, so I’ll stop complaining now.  (Hm, I wonder how our neighbor is doing who had three feet in his basement last time.)

The first flood interrupted my efforts to get taxes and college financial aid applications finished, so I did manage to get back to that annual love-fest.  Almost done! 

“And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights.” Genesis 7:12

“Lord?  What’s an ark?”  Noah, as reported by Bill Cosby

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  1. Anonymous
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    I was actually just coming over here to ask if anyone in your neighborhood had built an ark yet! So it was funny when I saw the Bill Cosby quote.

    Hmmmm….my "verification word" is "tragosms", that sounds like something you'd find in a sci-fi story somewhere.

    – Marco

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