Blogspam on the Rise

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I’m afraid I’m getting an increase in obnoxious comment spam–I just deleted one with about a dozen obnoxo links–so I have reluctantly changed my blog settings to moderate all comments that come in. That means your comments won’t appear immediately, I’m sorry to say. But I’ll try to be faster to moderate comments than I have been to write new posts!

Thanks so much, spammers. May you fall into a snowdrift and freeze for some future generation to find, maybe after they’ve figured out a suitable punishment! An eternity listening to Vogon poetry, perhaps.

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  1. substandardTim
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    This is why I switched to wordpress a couple years ago. There are services that check comments for spam and automatically deal with them so you don't have to.

    I don't know that you can do anything like that with blogger. You don't have to post my comment, just wanted to give you a heads up that there may be other options for you.

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