SF Authors at Falmouth MA Public Library

Yikes! Can it really be two weeks since I last posted? Yes, I guess it has been. Well, I’ve been kicked into action by the need to let folks know (belatedly, yes, yes) about this:

Tomorrow evening (June 17), I’ll be appearing with a small group of other SF/F folk at the Falmouth Public Library on Cape Cod. Joining me will be Jennifer Pelland, Michael Burstein, and Walter Hunt, all from eastern Massachusetts. We’ll be talking about our work, answering questions, and (we hope!) selling and autographing books.

Falmouth Public Library, 300 Main St., Falmouth, Massachusetts. 7:00 – 9:00

If you’re in the area, why not stop by?

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  1. newburydavesplace
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    Hello Jeffrey, I'm glad to find a well known Sf writer in MA. I'm currently reading your Chaos Chronicles. Good stuff, some of your plot devices parallel a few that I've been playing around with for a couple of my short stories. That must mean that I'm not too far from the mainstream.

    I am an old wannabe author (6 grandkids), a Freshman on Ingermanson's author in training scale.

    I thought all the Sf writers were in CA and NY. It's good to know that successful Sf writers can live in MA too. If I get to Falmouth when you're doing a meeting of some sort I'd like to drop in and meet you.

    I'm up on the north shore in Newbury and don't get out of town much but we do have a couple of nieces in the Falmouth New Bedford area so it might happen.

    Newburydave (barfly alias)
    (aka Dave Withe)

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
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    Hi Dave — Thanks for stopping by (virtually). Massachusetts is actually full of SF and fantasy writers. Arlington alone (my town) has at least two writers and one artist, plus several others working their way toward publishable stories (I know this because they've been students in the workshops I run with Craig Shaw Gardner). Joe Haldeman lives here part of the year, while he teaches at MIT. And of course the writers who joined me in Falmouth.

    I hope you do stop in to some event (maybe one of the local conventions), but Falmouth–while a lovely town–is not where I normally hang out. I'm in the Boston area.

    And by the way, more generally–the session at the Falmouth Library was a lot of fun, with a good turnout. And the library and staff were wonderful.

  3. Anonymous
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    Ya know I have this fantasy that whenever you haven't posted here in a while it's because you're hard at work writing the next book of the Chaos Chronicles. Oh and if it's not true, no need to burst my bubble, just let me pretend! =;-)


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