Bread Loaf Without Me

I’ve blogged before about how much I’ve enjoyed being a writer/instructor at the annual New England Young Writers Conference at Bread Loaf, Vermont. Well, this year, I had to miss the fun. They rotate the staff, so as to keep the program fresh, and this year I was rotated out. (Unfortunately, most of my writer-friends from Bread Loafs past were there, so now I’m afraid they’ll all be off when I’m next on.)

Having said that, I still got to spend most of Sunday making a round-trip drive to Vermont—to pick up my daughter, who was there as a student. At least, I’ve now learned the route. She reported positively on the conference, but not so much on the head cold she came down with in the middle of it. We carpooled with a couple of other families, so two other delightful young ladies rode back with us. Shortly after arriving home, I found myself in the midst of another writer’s workshop—this one in my own living room. The Advanced Workshop I’m conducting with Craig Gardner has just passed its midpoint, and we’re really seeing good stuff emerge. I look forward to reporting future successes. I have complete faith.

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