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Sort of. Not that you can tell. Turned out I wasn’t really done with tax-purgatory, after all. Not when I tried to finalize my daughter’s return. You would not believe the ways the IRS has of extracting money from you when you are (or have) a college-age kid whom a generous relative has helped out by putting some money in trust for your education. Turbotax and I nearly came to blows over this one.

Anyway. You didn’t come here to listen to me whine about taxes, did you? My family has to listen to that; you don’t. (Family is where, when you go there, they have to take you in…and listen to you whine about taxes.)

Right now, we have a house full of college kids. Daughter is home on break, and brought some friends with her. Great kids; it’s fun having them here. But I do have to be careful tiptoeing through the house late at night, so as not to trip over sleeping bodies.

The ebook project has been consuming way more time than I had dreamed possible. I probably mentioned, ereads is releasing some new (to their list) titles of mine, to go on sale at Fictionwise and elsewhere—and at the same time, reissuing the ones that have been on sale. A reissue of an ebook sounds wrong, somehow, doesn’t it? But it all started because some of the books went on sale with the wrong covers, and it turns out the only way to fix that is to reissue them. And then it turns out there are a lot of irritating formatting errors in at least some of my books currently on sale. So we’re just re-releasing the whole lot, along with the new ones. This means a lot of proofing, and a lot of correcting. Fortunately, I have a capable and enthusiastic reader-volunteer helping me with a lot of the grunt work. Thank you, Ann!

Okay, now, back to the proofing, Igor.

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  1. Charlza
    | Reply

    Converting to eBook formats is not nearly as easy as most people think. Our Design and Production department (3 people) tried doing this in house for the Kindle and it wound up being closer to laying out the book from scratch again.

  2. substandardTim
    | Reply

    I’ve always just enjoyed pdf versions of books for reading on my cell phone. Just got a new one though and this one has a much poorer quality pdf viewer so I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now.

  3. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    It’s a real bear, converting these things. I just emailed (at last!) six of nine titles back to ereads, having gone through the RTFs figuring out all kinds of things and catching all kinds of weird mistakes that got introduced somehow. Three more to go.

    Tim, you might try downloading Stanza reader software onto your cell phone, if it’ll run it. Stanza can view epub files, which are a very good ebook format.

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