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With Battlestar Galactica now in the final stretch of its glorious and slightly insane odyssey, I asked for and received permission to put my novelization of the miniseries, titled—wouldn’t you know it—Battlestar Galactica, up for free download on my web site. And so I have, and there you can get it for your reading pleasure. I’ve got it in PDF and EPUB formats. The Mobipocket version is on sale in the Kindle store. Naturally, I hope a few of you might be inspired to buy the paper book, still available here and there. But mostly I just wanted to share the fun.

In other download news, the first three books of The Chaos Chronicles have just gone up for download in the Baen Free Library. (If you already have the Chaos books from my web site, there’s no reason to redownload; they’re the same book files, copied over with my permission.) If you don’t know the Baen Free Library, it’s a wonderful resource to help people get a taste of work by authors they might not know, in ebook form—and it’s got a lot of great classic SF by people like Andre Norton and James Schmitz. Check it out.

Meanwhile, I’m now proofing the text for the ebook version of Seas of Ernathe, my very first novel. There’s a trip down (fading) memory lane! That writer kid, he has promise, I think.

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  1. pascalscheffers
    | Reply

    Awesome. Amazing.

  2. substandardTim
    | Reply

    I’ve been wondering if you’ve noticed any difference in sales since you have begun offering so many of your books in ebook format for free? Especially with Sunborn. I’m sure it’s hard to know for certain.

    It’s seems odd to me that a publishing company seems to so easily allow these books to be given away for free. Typically companies that deal in the creative arts are not too keen on giving things away. Especially in the music and film industries.

  3. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Pascal, I think you were the one who sent me a PDF of Seas of Ernathe, harvested from the darknet. I’m actually using that as the starting text for the ebook. It was very clean and the only digital version of the text available.

    Tim, your question warrants a post on its own. So that’ll be next.

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