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I got an email from a reader asking me why it had to be so hard to buy all the ebooks from a favorite author. I knew at once what he meant: editions are scattered across different publishers, different retailers, different ebook formats (some with restrictive DRM, some without). Even trying to follow a particular series within an author’s oeuvre can be trying. Why, for instance, can’t all the books of a series be bought as a nice bundle, with one purchase and one download?

I thought that was a great idea. And while it’s not currently in my power to create bundles, I thought, why can’t I at least make it easier for someone who wants to browse for all my ebooks do it from a single page? So I set out to do that.

My new Ebooks page, at, lists all my novels, grouped by series—with links to major online sources, highlighting those that offer multi-format, DRM-free downloads. The latter effectively means eReads and their partner Fictionwise, though I hope soon to add Baen Webscriptions to that list. I’ve also listed which books are coming soon, and which are farther off.

I hope it’s helpful. Check it out and let me know what you think!

“My job is to help you fall in love.” —Ray Bradbury

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  1. Jeff Quest
    | Reply

    This is very helpful. I’m looking forward to downloading soon. I’ve enjoyed the first two Chaos Chronicles books. I’m looking to pick up Sunborn on the next trip to the bookstore. Thanks!

  2. Charlza
    | Reply

    I know this is a little like comparing apples to oranges (books to DVDs), but I about fell out of my chair when I read this. Monty Python began posting high quality clips and videos on YouTube in the hopes of spurring sales…guess what happened? Think big…really big….

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