Back on the Cape

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Thanks to the generosity of our friends, I am once more ensconced alone in a house on Cape Cod. Time to forget, just for a little while, about making ebooks and fixing the cars and fixing the washer and all the other things that siphon my attention. Time to get a little restored, and get some writing done.

On my way here, I stopped off at the Cape Cod Canal, where a beautiful bike path runs along the water (on both sides, I believe). I’d thrown my rollerblades in the trunk, so I took an hour to skate along the canal and mellow out. It is simply beautiful, and should be added to anyone’s list of places to go in New England. I took some pictures with my cell phone camera—but wouldn’t you know it, I left the connector cable at home, so I have no way to get the pictures onto my computer to post here. (No, my phone doesn’t support emailing the pictures. How dumb is that?)

Okay, I have some serious relaxing and writing to do. Bye, now!

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