Autographed Books Make Great Gifts!

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Late as usual, as one of my high school teachers liked to say to me. Still, I hope, better late than never.

This is my not-quite-annual reminder that if you’re searching for an excellent gift for that special someone, there’s nothing quite like a personalized, autographed book direct from the author. (That would be me.) Clearly I’m way behind the curve on Hanukkah. (But while I’m on the subject, Happy Hanukkah, everyone!) But for Christmas shoppers, it’s not too late.

If you’d like to peruse the books that I have available for sale, go to my web site: and click on book covers for information about the books themselves. Click Bookstore, and then Price List to check on availability of various titles. You can order by email, if you use Paypal. Or to order by snailmail, print out the order blank and send it with a check.

I hope you are all having a great December. I got our blue LED lights strung up on the big pine tree in front of our house yesterday, so I’m finally, sorta-kinda getting into the mood myself!

It’s surprisingly hard to take a picture of an outdoor Christmas tree,
especially when you’re hopping around
because you didn’t take time to put a coat on!

“The two most engaging powers in an author are to make new things familiar and familiar things new.” —William Makepeace Thackeray

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