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I spent a couple of hours tonight trying to isolate the problem (which is more widespread than I had realized) of my blog causing Firefox on the Mac to freeze. It wasn’t the most recent entry that was at fault at all. It seemed I was offending Firefox/Mac in several ways. As nearly as I can tell, Firefox/Mac:

  • Doesn’t like it when I have italics in the title of a post
  • Doesn’t like it (sometimes) when I have an Amazon ad for a book in a post
  • Doesn’t like it (sometimes) when I use blockquote in text

It took a while to root all of those out, or at least those going back a little over a year. None of them caused trouble in Firefox/Windows or Safari/Mac (that I know of). Anyway, this blog no longer freezes my wife’s Mac, which is a hopeful sign.

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has had trouble viewing my blog in the past. If you could leave a comment letting me know if you can view it now, that would be very helpful.


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  1. substandardTim
    | Reply

    i’m certainly no fan of microsoft but things like these are exactly why I can’t understand why everyone is like “oh firefox is so great!” I gave up trying to tailor my websites to firefox’s faulty programming a long time ago.

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    I haven’t had any trouble with Firefox for Windows in connection with the blog, or my other web sites. And I do vastly prefer it to IE for its better speed and security.

    Actually, I forgot to test IE on my wife’s Mac. I think she was having problems with that freezing on my blog, too. It seems to be a problem specific to Macs, and not just a single browser.

    (I thought I’d fixed it, but my brother reported that he still had problems viewing it.)

  3. VictoriaB
    | Reply

    Jeff, I regret to report that your blog, and your blog only, causes Firefox to freeze on my Mac. It simply hangs, with the message “waiting for” and the mouse and keyboard are frozen out. This after I had smugly reported earlier that I was using Firefox to read your blog with no probems. I’m posting this using Safari which, as you report, displays no issues.


    See you soon,

  4. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Oh $%&$%*^#%^#!!!

  5. VictoriaB
    | Reply

    Just to make things more amusing, here I am posting this comment via Firefox. Whereas yesterday it (Firefox) choked completely on your blog, today all is peaches and cream. Eat up! It may not last.

    Peace, Victoria

  6. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply


  7. VictoriaB
    | Reply

    I hope you didn’t choke on a peach pit.

    A minute ago my main Mac, running Firefox, was totally choked on your main blog page, but I had gotten to the comments with no problems, via the link in the email that notified me of your reply to my comment. Now, after clicking on a lot of tabs, Firefox suddenly relented and let me read your blog from any point in it, either on the blog page itself or in the comments. I’m almost sure it has to do with loading ad content, and it is probably related to Firefox’s somewhat quirky popup blocking.

    I’m sure that’s just SO much help. I’ll await your next cry of anguish.

    Peace, V.

  8. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    I didn’t choke on a peach pit, I choked on fox fur.

    Allysen just tried it on her Mac and said “no problemo.”

    You did answer one question for me: I get emails notices when comments are posted to my blog, but I never knew if the commenters also got notices when I replied. Now I know.

  9. The Cajun Boy
    | Reply

    i have the same issue with my blog. it is frustrating the hell out of me. please let me know if you get any news on this. this has been going on for months.

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