Jet-Man, and Daisy the Goose

Two interesting videos crossed my radar today, both involving flying. One is about a man who has found a way to become a jet bird, and the other is a goose who thinks she’s human.

Jet-Man is Yves Rossy, from Switzerland. When I first saw the email from my friend Keith, I thought it was going to be someone wearing the latest version of the Buck Rogers jet pack that’s good for hovering around a parking lot but not too much else. But no—this is a guy who straps himself into a set of jet-powered wings and pushes himself out of an airplane like a skydiver…and then spends five minutes zooming and soaring like Rodan, or maybe the Jetsons. Watch the video—it’s pretty amazing. He has a web site, but it’s all in French, so I wasn’t able to read any of the background info. (You can watch the video there, too, if you have trouble at the other link.)

And then…there’s Daisy, the Canada goose. Daisy imprinted on a guy named Dan Steffan, and she likes to go flying with him—he in his speedboat, and she flying alongside. When she gets tired of flying, she perches next to his beagle Sam and enjoys the ride. (That dog sure reminds me of our dear departed beagle Sam!)

Edit Oct 2013: Something made me revisit this story, and I learned to my sadness that both Daisy and Dan Steffan are gone from this world. You can view the whole story here.

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  1. Charlza
    | Reply

    Those are two great videos.

    A goose and a dog as friends, haha.

  2. substandardTim
    | Reply

    you can use altavista’s babelfish to translate the site for you.

  3. Josh
    | Reply

    I’m already saving up to buy the first publicly available prototype.

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