Conquering Chaos

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One of the things I promised myself I’d do after finishing Sunborn was take a week and clean my office…really clean it, from top to bottom. It’s been at least ten years since I’ve done this, and it’s looking more than a little messy. I’m surrounded by mountains of half-read magazines, unread books, printouts of web pages, nearly-finished tax returns, unfiled bank statements, and a lifetime of photos, which I set out to organize (or at least box neatly) about six years ago. Didn’t get very far on that one.

But I’m not getting very far on the new book, either. (By which I mean Chaos #5.) I figure if I do this, I’ll feel better, and the feng shui, the chi, the karma, and the Yin Yang of my work space will all smooth out in a Harmonic Convergence that will bring my brain back to life! Also, I’ll be able to vacuum. Or at least turn the Roomba loose.

I started on it this week. It’s about the only job I can think of that competes with doing taxes for making me want to scream. Nevertheless, I will prevail. I think a week may be a little optimistic, though. I have decided that cleaning my office will be a major part of my Lenten devotions (also known as 40 Days of Faith—and boy, will this take faith).

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  1. Kitty
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    Maybe we could make a pact to clean up our home offices together? My office is a mess, too.

    I think cleaning goes just fine with Lent. It fits in the traditional giving things up (clutter), but I’ve always liked the alternate idea of “taking something on for Lent,” which still fits cleaning.

  2. tsmacro
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    Ahhh, I see….so the real inspiration for the Chaos Chronicles is your office then? And you think if you can conquer your office maybe that’ll translate to a breakthrough in being able to write the series quicker and more efficiently then huh? I’ve certainly heard crazier ideas! I’m certainly all for whatever helps the process along.

  3. Charlza
    | Reply

    Well, if it’s worth anything, I spent some time starting to clean up my home office this morning. I got as far as half the drawers in two plastic cabinets. It’s amazing what a computer geek can collect over 17 years.

    Perhaps I’ll post photos when I get it finished for proof. I’d be afraid of before and after. heh

  4. Charlza
    | Reply

    Clean! I forgot how good it feels to straighten up all the clutter and it feels good!

    I took these home office pictures for other people, but I’ll drop the link here too.

  5. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Okay, Charlza — I’m jealous. Your office looks *much* nicer than mine! (I haven’t gotten too far on the project, but I *will* prevail.)

    Kitty, you’re on!

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