Jack Williamson (1908 – 2006)

One of the towering giants of the SF field has left us. Jack Williamson, who traveled in a covered wagon as a boy in the American Southwest, and on many a starship in his fiction, died today at the age of 98. His first short story was published in the Dec. 1928 issue of Amazing Stories. His novel The Stonehenge Gate was published in 2005. He won many awards over the years, but most recently he won both the Nebula and Hugo Awards for his novella “The Ultimate Earth.” That was in 2001, and I was proud to be on the same ballot with him (for a novel; I didn’t win).

I didn’t know him well personally, but we served together on the SFWA Awards Rules Committee (formerly the Nebula Awards Committee), and had many email exchanges in the course of that business. I was proud to be on that committee with him, too.

There’s a good summary of his life and career on wikipedia.

Jack, you’re in a greener place now, where royalty checks never come late! Smile down on us and wave!

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    They had a brief story on NPR this am about him. They ended it by reading the last few lines from The Stonehenge Gate.

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