Family Bragging Rights

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What’s the point of being related to someone notable and distinguished if you can’t brag a little? (No, this isn’t about my kids.) I proudly direct you to the University of Miami web site, and an announcement about some newly endowed distinguished professorships. The first one on the list is my very own and only brother, known as Uncle Chuck to my daughters and Distinguished Professor of Psychology Charles S. Carver to others. Scroll down a little on that page and you’ll see his picture and credits. There’s a Nobel laureate on the distinguished list, too, but I don’t know him.

Here’s Chuck’s web page, or you can go straight to the pictures of his dog Calvin (be sure and check out the gallery if you’re into silly dog pictures).

I know I’ve been missing from these pages for a turrible long time. I’ve passed up any number of really interesting subjects that I wanted to write about. That’s because I’ve been banging my head against the Sunborn rewrite. I really am going to finish this book by the end of November, or die trying.

And now I must go. I’ll be in the garret, pounding…

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  1. VictoriaB
    | Reply

    Well, congratulations to your bro Chuck. Why is it that we never hear word one about this distinguished brother?

    He looks like you, but with better hair. (You understand my prejudice in favor of white hair, I assume.)

    I’m looking forward to all those chapters you’ll turn out this week. I’m clearing my calendar so I’ll have time to read.

    Cheers, V.

  2. Kitty
    | Reply

    Yay, go Family!

  3. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Victoria, didn’t I ever show you guys my brother’s undergraduate psychology textbook, Perspectives on Personality? It’s in its…let’s see, I think it’s the 4th edition now. He’s working on the new edition–and in fact, we have similar deadlines. Except I’ve got way more still to do. So I’d better get cracking. (Yes, I expect to show you a 4-chapter chunk next time, some re-revised, some merely revised.)

  4. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    And Kitty, how’s your new little project coming? 🙂

  5. VictoriaB
    | Reply

    Victoria, didn’t I ever show you guys my brother’s undergraduate psychology textbook, Perspectives on Personality?

    Ah, no. Or else I wasn’t there. Or I was on my second beer. Maybe you could drag it out the next time we meet at your place?

    Good luck with the chapters; I’m ready to read. I’lll have a tale to tell about copyright infringement when next we meet.

    Peace, V.

  6. Charlza
    | Reply

    Congrats to the brother.

    I’m sure we’ll all appreciate the book once it’s nicely bound and in our hot little hands 🙂 Don’t bang your head so much though…wouldn’t want you to get any contusions :p

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