Off to a USGWA Wrestling Tourney

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No, not the WWF, or anything remotely resembling it. It’s the U.S. Girls’ Wrestling Association, an organization that promotes folk-style (high-school style) wrestling for girls, just as much larger associations promote wrestling for guys. They have many tournaments for girls after the regular wrestling season is over, and girls who have been training in a mostly male-dominated sport all winter can come together and wrestle each other. My older daughter Lexi and I are heading to Ohio later today so that she can compete in one such tournament. We’re also going to squeeze in a visit to a college, as we’re just about to start ramping up what I’m sure is going to prove a long search.

Here’s a picture of the two of us, taken recently at one of the Massachusetts sectional tournaments—by the mother of one of the guys she came up against.

Photo © 2006 by Denise Brown. Reproduced here by permission.

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