Boskone, and News about Galactica

Well, I had a thoroughly pleasant time at Boskone. This took me a little by surprise, only because I was feeling all grumpy and not really in the mood to go out. I had to, though, because I was scheduled to be on panels. And once I got there and started seeing old friends, and making some new ones, I got into the spirit of it. I also thought this was the liveliest and most interesting Boskone I have seen in a number of years.

One pleasant result was encountering some fans who had already read Battlestar Galactica: the Miniseries. The feedback was all good. Perhaps the nicest was from a young woman who happens to be a Commander in the US Navy, and who is about to become captain of a guided missile destroyer. She said she thought I’d captured the feel of the story very well—and I took that as significant praise, coming from someone who actually knows what it’s like to run a military vessel. (The only ones I have ever been aboard have been museums, rather like what Galactica was scheduled to become before the pesky Cylons interfered.)

An encouraging sidelight was hearing from one of my writing buddies that he’d met with his editor and confirmed the sale of a new trilogy. Earning a living as a writer is not easy for any of us, and he’s no exception. I don’t know if I should mention his name here, so I’ll just say that it rhymes with Craig Shaw Gardner, and his writing style is very similar. I’ll let him announce the details once everything’s been inked.

And finally, I came home to see an email from my editor, telling me that Galactica has sold to a British publisher and has had a book club sale. Given that my biggest rationale for writing the book was to get my name back in front of the public (I didn’t know then that I was going to enjoy Galactica so much), this is very good news indeed. More readers, and—who knows—maybe even a little more money, in the long run.

(Which reminds me of something I want to write about—readers versus money. But later. Remind me if I forget.)

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  1. tsmacro
    | Reply

    Just wanted to know that I have read BG and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I noticed a slight error though at the end of the book in of all places on the page “About the Author”. The first paragraph reads as follows:

    “Jeffrey A. Carver is the author of fifteen popular science fiction novels, including The Infinity Link and The Rapture Effect. His books combine hard-SF concepts, deeply humanistic concerns and a sense of humor. His last novel, Eternity’s End, was a finalist for the Nebula Award. He currently at work on Sunborn, the fourth volume of the series.”

    It makes it sound like Sunborn belongs in the same series as Eternity’s End. Of course it would also make one ask (if you didn’t know any better anyway): What series? As there isn’t any previous mention of any actual series in that paragraph. Well with any luck for those who weren’t familiar with your previous works, they’ll come looking for the answers and find them here at!

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Hm, I think I will forward your comment on to my editor, who (I suspect) “edited down” the About the Author text that I sent him. (The whole thing having been cribbed from similar text for a previous book.)

    It refers, of course, to The Chaos Chronicles, which was originally mentioned in there somewhere.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Marco — You seem to have spotted an error that was introduced by someone after my editor gave his last approval. If you’d like to email me your mailing address, he’d like to send you a free book as a thank-you for catching it!


  4. tsmacro
    | Reply

    Ok, e-mail sent. Tell your editor thank you!! – Marco

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