Tim was asking which of my books I think has the best movie potential. The short answer is: all of them. But I suppose you’d rather have the longer answer. I thought so.

Well, I have long felt that Star Rigger’s Way was perfect for making into a movie, partly because it’s got a lot of very visual elements, plus it’s a fairly simple and straightforward plot. I also think Eternity’s End would work well, because it has really interesting visuals and is a more complex work. So, really, it would be great as a 6 or 8-hour miniseries.

On the other hand, the Chaos Chronicles are my choice for a 12-hour miniseries! The escape from Neptune, the arrival at Shipworld, the attack of the boojum, the undersea world of the Neri…they could do great things with all this!

The problem is, nobody is signing on for the rights to any of these. Not even a nibble from Hollywood. Come on, Mr. Spielberg, give them a try! You’ll like them. Are you listening?

Okay, okay, it’s not tomorrow yet. (Well, actually, it is, I suppose.) Anyway, I’m going this up, so you get two posts in one night.

Tomorrow I’ll try Tim’s question about Google and showing pages. (Which I knew nothing about until I saw Tim’s question!)

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  1. Tim
    | Reply

    the web address for the google book copying thing is http://print.google.com

    i forgot to include that in the other post.

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