Im Hyperraum

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Today’s mail brought me a small packet of very fat books, forwarded to me by my U.S. publisher, Tor Books, from my German publisher, Heyne. It contained a new German translation of: Im Hyperraum. It took me a minute or two to figure out what it was, except that it was by me. Finally I looked at the copyright page, and discovered that it was an omnibus edition, containing Panglor and Dragons in the Stars in one volume. It’s a little odd; I’m not sure why they did that instead of putting Dragons in the Stars together with Dragon Rigger. But that’s what they did. The two stories are set in the same future history (the Star Rigger universe), but are otherwise unconnected.

Only one reader has commented on it at Amazon-Germany, and he/she seems not to have liked it much, so I hope someone who did like it comes along soon.

Anyway, I love seeing foreign editions of my books. I can’t understand a word of them (and I took German for two years), but it really just feels pretty cool.

Here’s what it looks like.

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