At Work, Never Fear

It’s hard to keep up a daily entry in a blog, when life is so busy! I wound up having to get a new laptop–a Winbook something-or-other, which I got marked down at Microcenter–and have gotten it wrestled into shape, all while getting a pretty good running start on the new writing project. I haven’t said what that is yet, have I? Well, unfortunately, I’m not free to say until I get an all-clear. But I can say this—I’m taking the next three months to work on something completely different, even as I read through the Sunborn first draft (700+ pages of it) and let it steep in my subconscious.

I hope this doesn’t alarm anyone who’s waiting for Sunborn to be finished. It was actually my editor who suggested it, and I thought it was a great idea. It’ll be fun, it’ll be different (and boy, do I need a change), and I will be forced to write it quickly.

More later.

(Yeah, yeah, I know I said that before. But I meant it. I mean it. Really.)

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