Reefs of Time, Coming Along

I’ve promised to give occasional updates on my progress with The Reefs of Time. If the average picture is worth a thousand words, this one’s worth 125,000 words. That’s how far I am into the major rewrite of the manuscript, which as you can see from this picture is a little more than halfway through the 240,000-word monster total. For comparison, Sunborn was about 140,000 words total.

In pages, I’m at around 620 of 1200. So, I’ve come a long way, and still have a ways to go. But I’ve gotten through some really thorny rewrite problems, and what’s behind me feels solid. I think it’s a good story! I’m making excellent progress now, better than I have in a long time. Pray for it to continue!

Reefs of Time progress

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  1. Richard Bowker
    | Reply

    But . . . there are some subplots that need expansion in the third draft!

  2. Trent Palmer
    | Reply

    Hey Jeff. 1200 pages!!!!! I DO like long storys. What’s the ETP (sorry, the estimated time of publishing) on it?

    • Jeffrey
      | Reply

      Hi Trent. I’ll give an ETP when it’s all done. I’ve learned not to make predictions!

  3. Allysen
    | Reply

    Rich, bite your tongue! Tell him to shorten and speed up!

  4. Eric
    | Reply

    Just stumbled across the Chaos Chronicles and read the first 4 books over the past few weeks. I am now looking forward to you threading your way to the completion of book 5. Thank you for an entertaining time.

  5. Jeffrey
    | Reply

    Glad you liked it, Eric! (Them, I mean.)

  6. Tim
    | Reply

    Hi Jeffery any update on how the 2nd… maybe final draft is coming 😉 I just read the first 4 novels this weekend and really enjoyed them. Can hardly wait for the 5th.

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