Weird Politics

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In a turn of events that I can only call bizarre, I find myself siding with the Bush administration against Senator Ted Kennedy on an issue involving energy policy and the environment. How weird is that? The issue is Cape … Read More

To Plagiarize or Not to Plagiarize

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I don’t know how much coverage this story has been getting outside the Boston area, but a big story in the Boston Globe lately has been the rise-and-fall saga of 17-year-old novelist and Harvard student Kaavya Viswanathan. Viswanathan’s novel, “How … Read More

How to Destroy the Earth

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Everyone knows that people—guys, especially—love to blow things up. Being a guy myself, I’m no exception. So I was amused, while reading an article about how Gamma Ray Bursts are probably not going to destroy the Earth, after all (Interstellar … Read More

Teenagers Today!

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We got some books about what makes teenagers tick. (I also got one for the girls about how to deal with the parents of teenagers: Yes, Your Parents Are Crazy!) The one I’m enjoying most right now is Get Out … Read More

Happy Easter!

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Late as usual, and therefore in a time-machinely manner, I’d like to wish everyone the best for Easter and Passover! No other message tonight. But I’ll be back!

Cool Science in Discover Magazine

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On a more cheerful note, the April and May issues of Discover Magazine have some interesting articles on cool science and technology. (The links below will mostly just get you to teasers, unless you can sign in as a subscriber, … Read More

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