Sunborn Available for Preorder

For years, readers have been sending me emails saying, “When is the next Chaos Chronicles book coming out?” or, “I’m not getting any younger—will there ever be another Chaos Chronicles book?” or even, “Thanks a lot for leaving me hanging, because it’s obvious there’s never going to be another book, you jerk.”

Readers of this blog have known for years that Sunborn, the new Chaos book, was coming—or at least it’s been my word against the doubters. (Sometimes, I’ve been among the doubters.) Well, you no longer have to take my word for it! It’s up on Amazon. And you can even preorder it. Now. Today. Go ahead, click the link! It won’t hurt.

I was surprised it was up this soon (the pub date is October of this year, from Tor Books). In fact, I didn’t even know it was up until a kind reader in Germany sent me a note telling me about it. I quickly discovered that they’d misspelled my first name on the dustjacket, at least as displayed on Amazon, but a note to my editor resulted in that being fixed pretty quickly. (I hope it stays fixed. I’m sure it will. Nothing can go wrongg.)

That’s the news from here. I might not get this written up before I go, so I’ll just mention that next week I’ll be heading up again to the Bread Loaf writing center near Middlebury, Vermont, to teach at the annual New England Young Writers Conference. If you are, or are the parent or teacher of, a young writer of high school age, you really should look into this for next year. It’s a terrific program. I’ll tell all about it, after I get back.

And did I mention? You can preorder Sunborn from Amazon.

“There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” —Red Smith

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  1. Charlza
    | Reply

    I really like that cover! And I’ve got it pre-ordered.

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Thanks, Charlza!

  3. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Ok, now you’ve sold at least two! =;)


  4. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    You guys are making my day!

  5. Harry
    | Reply

    Congrats on getting it out! I never lost faith and just happened to check your page and blog today.

    I see I can preorder it here in Canada as well:

    Though note that it is listed as “Sunborn by Jeffrey Carver and Jeffrey A Carver” so it seems the cloning experiment was successful 😉 as I recall you have daughters but not a son with the same name. Hopefully this means you can write twice as many books now!

    The mass market paperback is also listed:
    I think it may be hard waiting until October but January 1st, 2010 really is a long way off! I’m getting the hard cover edition, personally. This one is only authored by “Jeffrey A Carver” 😉

  6. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Hi Harry! Good to see you back! And from you I learn that:

    a) My cloning succeeded, and
    b) Sunborn in mass market is listed for Jan. 2010

    neither of which I knew before. Huh. I wonder if that’s a real date for the paperback, or a placeholder. And how did you find it? I only got to it by using your link.


  7. Harry
    | Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    I found the softcover simply by searching for “Sunborn” on — this also yielded the 2003 album “Sunborn” by Deadly Sin and “The Sunborn” by Gregory Benford released in 2006 (I think you mentioned the possible conflict with your title at one point). I don’t see the paperback on but it also has MP3 downloads of Deadly Sin’s album (never heard of that band).

    I have no way to judge the validity of either the October 2008 date for the hardcover or the January 2010 date for the paperback but I assume Amazon got them from Tor. Tor’s web page doesn’t list Sunborn at all in the upcoming books section.

    12-18 months isn’t that unusual a lag time for the paperback to come out, is it? I’m not in the publishing biz but that’s what I’ve observed when buying books. For anything I’m waiting for I’ll of course buy the hardcover instead of waiting. I only buy softcover when I’m looking for something to read while on vacation. Sadly, there are few English language books on my reading list these days.

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