The Moths

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adult-male-gypsymoth4A day or two ago, our house started to be attacked by moths. Not swarming out of closets, or out of the food pantry, but beating against the windows from outside, trying to get in. What is this, Hitchcock’s “The Moths”? Those that did get in were beating against the windows, trying to get back out. I guess the view wasn’t all they’d hoped for. We dispatched dozens of them, using our handheld Dyson vacuum with wand attachment.

Our first theory was that they (these are big moths) had turned up to see what we were doing to their smaller cousins, the grain moths. (Answer: trying to kill them.) My next theory was that they were baby Mothras. Worse! NO KILL I!

Further investigation led us to the news that there’s a big outbreak of gypsy moths in the Northeast this year. And worse, that they are an invasive species first introduced by a scientist in Medford, Mass., just one town over from us. Aughh! Go away!

Godzilla & Mothra

  1. Alex Jablokow
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    They were all over the place here in Cambridge too. I was sleepily eating breakfast on my porch and thought “what is that, a bat?” They seemed really big, and chased me indoors. So now you know who to call when you need to go on your next quest. Because I’ll give you some great advice and wish you well.

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