Interviewed Today at Kindle Author

Moi is interviewed today at the Kindle Author blog, a spot that features a lot of authors who publish at Kindle and elsewhere, both indie and traditional. (Their main focus is indie, but these days the lines are really blurring. Many traditionally published folk, like yours truly, have a second—or maybe third—foot planted in the indie category, too.)

Anyway, I won’t repeat here what I said there, so why don’t you take a look at the interview? Here’s the permanent link, but if you go to the main page (at least today), you can read my interview and then scroll down and read some other interviews, as well. A fair number of my fellow Backlist Ebooks authors have been sighted there in recent days.

(In other news, tax time is still right around the corner, and I’m now immersed in the Quicken Sargasso, bringing a year’s worth of business records up to date. I’m a walking example of the assertion that some people never learn.)

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  2. Fran
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    Hi Jeff, I enjoyed your interview. Very happy to hear you're working on Chaos Chronicles no. 5. You must have been thinking of me when asked about the type of reader for your books: bright, curious person … I'm glad you are having success with the new media, too. As a librarian, I want all great writing to be available to succeeding generations!

  3. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    Thanks, Fran! 🙂

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