Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia — at Boston’s Publick Theater

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The other night I went with my daughter’s drama workshop group to see the opening performance of Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard, at an outdoor theater in Boston called the Publick Theater. It was a wonderful performance of a witty and funny play, with two parallel plots set in the same English country house two hundred years apart, involving Fermat’s Last Theorem, the thermodynamics of steam engines, a literary detective story, a possible murder involving Lord Byron, and naturally, sex. It’s one of those plays that you have to work hard to keep up with—but it’s a pleasure, because it’s so much fun. I hope to see it again during its run, to catch all the details I missed the first time around. Terrific cast.

For any of you who are in the Boston area, I strongly recommend it. Arcadia is playing now, and off and on through the summer. (See the Publick Theater web site.)

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  1. Rich
    | Reply

    I saw Arcadia a few years ago at Vokes Theater in Wayland. Nobody can touch Stoppard.

  2. Jeffrey A. Carver
    | Reply

    No. But even Stoppard can’t touch Lucas, seemingly. (Assuming reports are correct that he helped write Revenge of the Sith.) A fun movie, even a good movie–but definitely in spite of the dialogue, not because of.

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